ITE/IEE reports


The Technical inspection of buildings or better known as ITEconsists of an inspection carried out by registered technical architects. In the Community of Madrid, buildings more than thirty years old must have it in force. It is compulsory for single-family dwellings. The inspection must be passed once every 10 years.

The Building Evaluation Report or better known as IEEconsists of an inspection carried out by registered technical architects. Since 2013, the IEE has been mandatory for buildings that are more than 50 years old.

In contrast to the ITE, an energy study of the building is carried out by means of the global energy certificate of the building. Similarly, an accessibility study is carried out with possible reasonable measures for improvement. The report must be passed once every 10 years.

How we perform this service


  1. Verification of the deadline for the completion of the ITE or IEE.
  2. Visit to the property.
  3. Complete check of the state of the structure and foundations, façades, roofs, plumbing and drainage.
  4. Possibility of carrying out a pre-report ITE/IEE before submitting the final report to the City Council. 
  5. Issuance and delivery of report.
    • In case of being favourableThe report shall be valid for 10 years.
    • In case of obtaining a unfavourable reportThere is the possibility of waiting for the execution order issued by the Town Hall or, alternatively, the works can be carried out directly by the owners' association with the relevant application for a building permit from the Town Hall. 


All technical building inspections are by technical architects of the COAATMThis gives our clients all the guarantees of a job well done.

What is included in the price

  • Liability insurance.
  • On-site visit to the building.
  • Global energy certificate for the building.
  • Issuance of ITE/IEE report, with photographic report, deficiencies detected and accessibility study. 
  • Registration at the corresponding Town Hall.


From 400€, depending on the number of flats.