Activity licence


The opening licence or activity licence, This is a document issued by the relevant municipality and given to the entrepreneur, whereby it is established that the said premises are fit and safe for use.

How we perform this service

  1. Initial assessment and feasibility visit.
  2. Study of different possibilities according to technical code regulations.
  3. Drawing up plans, specifications and all the necessary documentation.
  4. Submission of all documentation within 15-30 days for OSH review.
  5. Obtaining the certificate of suitability. 

Licence types

There are two types of opening licences.

  • Licences for harmless activitiesi.e. those which, due to their original activity, do not imply any risk for the community or for their employees: clothing shops, stationery shops, real estate businesses and others.
  • Licences for qualifying activitiesfor those activities that cause any environmental disturbance (nuisance, health risk, pollution or danger...).


All procedures are carried out through the procedure of Responsible Declaration for the commencement of activity and works.

Prices and payment

Tailor-made budget. Varies according to the activity and surface area of the property. 

Municipal taxes not included. 

What you need to know about business licences

Opening licences in Madrid are issued only onceThey do not need to be renewed periodically.

You will only need a new licence if you decide to move to new premises or if you make changes to your premises.

Failure to do so may result in a municipal fine ranging from 150 to 6,000 euros, or the closure of the premises for an indefinite period of time.